Screen Printing & Embroidery

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Screen Printing- What to expect

How we make quality, long-lasting shirts for fundraising events or any occasion of your choice

 Screen printing is the technique we use to bring your ideas to life. It starts by burning your image into a screen, adding a touch of ink, and using a squeegee to apply it onto the shirt. Below are a few of the "GO TO" garments but obviously there are way more options to choose from and meet your budget, email to discuss further.

There will be a set up fee of $25 and minimum of 12 garments.

Below is a brief outline of what is evolved in the process.

Embroidery - What to expect

We take your logo and turn it into a digitized file, with a one time low cost set-up fee. What is that fee? That depends on how many stitches are in your logo. We need to see your design or logo so we can work out a accurate stitch count to give you a quote.

Below is a brief outline of what is evolved in the process.



First we take your design-such as a Illustrator file, we size it and clean it up so it prints well, we will then separate colors if necessary and get it ready to print onto a clear film positive.
We then burn your design onto a screen and then washed out to expose your image only.

We then set your screen up and register the image if it has multiple screens, we add the appropriate ink colors and layout your garments to screen print, after your garment is printed it will go through a conveyor dryer for proper cure. 



First we take your design or image and then we import the file into the embroidery software and begin to turn your file into a stitch file, this can be a complex process to make your design look as good as the image will allow "keep in mind size and small detail is sometimes hard to achieve on certain designs".


After your file is digitized and the we know the stitch count we can  give you an accurate quote , once you approve we will do a sample stitch out on our end and make adjustments accordingly, we will then get your embroidery stitch out complete and off to your hands quickly and efficiantly.